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Android Lollipop problems and how to fix the problems

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Android 5.0 “Lollipop” is having updates for many devices. Many have an immense love with this and been loving this updates everyday for its super cool experience and additional features. But, many people are experiencing many problems with this version. Some common problems of Android 5.0 “Lollipop” with the way out are described here: 

Android Lollipop common performance problem:
Although Android Lollipop has made many people very happy with its utilization and outstanding additional features, this also has made many people in trouble. Many people have experienced a decrease in the general performance of the phone after updating the Android Lollipop in their phone. This may cause from update over update without having a clean installation. This type of update over update leads to the poor level of performance of the phone and can cause lag crashes, stutter, and freezes.

In this regard, the solution is here: One needs to see that check all the apps and try to uninstall all the apps in order to install them one by one with an aim to identify the troublesome apps. For further solution one needs to wait for Google’s action on this version. 

Problem of overheating of Android Lollipop: 
Overheating to Android can be caused from direct sunlight or many other reasons. This type of overheating can cause serious problem of the performance of the system. You have to be careful about this type of problem. 

Battery Bug of Android Lollipop:
Update over update without having a clean installation can lead to the Battery Bug. To be free from this problem, you have do factory reset with a full backup. To do so, go to Backup and Reset section of the Setting menu or manage it manually from the hardware buttons.

Android Lollipop

Problem of private photos of Android Lollipop:
Basically, Samsung users are facing this type of problem. They have complained that an update of Android Lollipop caused lose to their existing photos. So far, there is no solution for this problem and the users have to wait for solution from Samsung. Till then, they are recommended as not to delete or do a factory   reset of their phones. 

Problem of Video Playback of Android Lollipop:
Nexus 7 users are claiming that they are facing problem of video play back. Permanent solution has not come yet. Temporary solution can be added here as users need to clear the cache of the application from the setting option. 

Problem of Video Playback of Android Lollipop:
New additional feature of Lollipop Android is ‘Card Stack’. This allows users to experience multi-tasking feature. The problem is that this does not show what apps are running and this card stacked up one person’s psyche having an obsessive compulsive persuasion.

Problem of Camera and flash light of Android Lollipop:
One common problem of Android Lollipop is that the LED automatically shut off while using it as a flash light. This leads your camera and flash light unusable. To fix it, you have turn off your phone and on it again. For better solution, we need to wait for Google’s initiatives. 

Problem of Bluetooth Connectivity of Android Lollipop:
According to some users, they are facing problem while using Bluetooth after updating Android Lollipop. They have limited functionality of using Bluetooth to previously paired devices. It seems to work periodically and then they have to reconnect the connection again. For solution, it can be suggested that they have remove all they previously paired devices and re-pair them again to work with. 

android wifi problem

Problem Wi-Fi Connectivity of Android Lollipop:
Many people are having trouble while using Wi-Fi with Android Lollipop. Specifically, they are struggling to connect to the networks they used to and having trouble with the router troubleshooting. Currently, there is no solution of this problem. You have to go through this problem until Google finds a permanent solution. But, this is good news for us that Google is working very hard in order to find out the way of solution of this problem.

Problem of no silent mode and Power button menu of Android Lollipop:
Android Lollipop has no silent mode option and full power menu button. One cannot simply volume down to silent mode in this new version. Besides, there is a power button which only allows one to switch off device without having other alternatives. All these problems are already notified by Google as improvements. People have to wait for the improvement of Google for the permanent solution.

Problem of GPS of Android Lollipop:
Many people have claimed that they are facing GPS problem. In this regard, we recommend you to reset your factory setting for the solution. For specific problem as dropping of signal frequently, we will recommend you to alter the location mode in your setting and back to your location again.

Problem of Chrome Tabs of Android Lollipop:
In Android Lollipop, Chrome browser is set in order to store new taps in recent apps. In solution, you have to change Chrome Settings to disable Merge tabs and apps. 

Problem of OTA broken on modified devices of Android Lollipop:
One who has modded his/her Android will not be able to install the OTA Update. One has to flash a stock image again to solve the problem. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your tech problem I will try to solve it. Thanks for reading.

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