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How To Reset Forgotten Email Password And Recover Gmail Account Or Yahoo Account.

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In this time Mail is a most popular data transferring system in our world. Many of us suffered from forgotten gmail password for there careless using. As a result we loss many important data from our mail. Then we have to need recover gmail account and retrieve gmail password.  Some days ago one of my friend told me that -i forgot my gmail password, please help me to gmail password recovery. So today I discuss how to recovery forgot gmail password and recovery your gmail account.

email recovery

In case of Gmail: If you forget or loss your password you can’t login your Gmail account. In this time you see here -Can’t access your account. You have to click here, then you see a new page where you can submitted your email. Submit your email here. Under the email submitted box you see a code check box. Submit the same check box latter and click Continue button. A new page will come and you have to click here alternative email option. Put here you’re another email and click continue to submit it. 
Open your alternate email in a new browser. Please remember it because it is your gmail recovery email. An email will be sent in your alternate email and that there will be a link in the mail. Clicking on the link you will see their new password submitted place your . The new password will be able to retrieve your email address. your previous gmail password have reset. Don’t forget your new submitted password because it is your new password. If there is no option to submit an alternative email you have to select – Answer your security question option. On the new page they ask you some question that have been you answer when you open the Gmail account. The question like- what is your father birth date? Your pet name? If you able to give right answer two box will be come to give new password. If you forget your security question answer or anybody change your security question answer then you have to select – I can’t answer my security question and click continue button. 

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In case of Yahoo mail: when you wants to entered your yahoo email account and seen wrong password then you have to select –I can’t access my account. After coming new page you have to click- my password doesn’t work. Then you see my Yahoo Id box. Write hare your lost email address and enter the code/symbols shown in the box below. Now click on nest button. When a new page come you have to give your alternative email address and click on next. A mail will have a link send by you. You have to click the link and give new password. The new password will be able to retrieve the email address. Also rear how to improve your Gmail account. and keep safe from hacker.

I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your computer problem I will try to solve it. Thanks for reading.

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