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How To Use Android Phone As A Modem Or Wi-Fi Without Any Software.

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Today I will tech you how to use android phone as a modem without any software. It is a very easy method which remains default in all the android phones. At first, your android phone connects with PC by cable or Bluetooth. Then, you go to the android setting option. You will see their tethering and hotspot settings. Use whatsapp on your android smart phone and also play marvel contest game and modern combat 5 game.
If your android phone is less than OS 4.42 version you can’t see that’s menu. In that field, you will get an extra menu which name is more. If you click there, you will get there tethering and hotspot setting.
portable wifi hotspot

Now enter there and you will get to look two menus such as USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering. If you are connected with USB, you must be clicked USB tethering or if you used Bluetooth you must clicked Bluetooth Tethering.  Then start your internet service. After a few moment, you will see a signal on your PC. Then on your PC internet connection and brows internet.

     If you want to use your android phone as a WiFi without use any software.
At first, you have to go android setting menu. You will see their WiFi direct option. Click the WiFi direct menu. Now fill the quarry to inter here your name, password and click save to save theme. Now your android phone work as a WiFi. Now go to your PC setting and on your PC WiFi connection. You will see their WiFi name which is fill you on your android phone WiFi name. Click on the name and give heir your password which is given you on android phone. Now your phone will be a work as a WiFi.

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