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Necessity of Android Antivirus To Keep Safe Your Android Device From Virus

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The security of Android phone is a widely known concern of this time. Everyone is using Android phone and having a greater horizon of utilization. The topic of the Android security is also another concern of this era as people have many important dealing with their Android.  In a sentence, the truth is that hackers, bandits and thieves are trying to exert anything that is worthy to them. And, this big place of Android is an easy target to them. The easy solution of this high risk is sensible use of Android phones as recommended by the experts. Virus is known as Malware program and this concept is similar for the Android virus. The largest target of malware and scams is the Google Play Store.

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Then the most common question rise as follows: whether we should use Android antivirus software or not? The answer is that it will dependent upon you to use antivirus software or not. Although the above mentioned conclusion can be drawn, the necessity of using antivirus software for Android phone needs critical discussion.
People download and upload a lot of apps everyday from Google play and this makes it easier for the hackers to target in order to spread malware and scams. And, this has become a big source of Android virus to attack. E-mail with attachment and automatic upload enable MMS which will lead to What-app, fake apps and hacking of Facebook and credit card password. You will not be able know whether you account has been hacked. Hackers will never let you to know that.

There are numerous antivirus apps in Google Play Store where you can download the necessary antivirus apps. Although it very difficult to measure which antivirus is best, the rating can help you find out what is absolute antivirus software for you. Antivirus apps for the Android phone work in similar as the process of the Antivirus software for Personal Computer. Antivirus apps for Android does not remove potential threats automatically. It just identifies the threats in front you so that you can take actions. You can scan your files and folders and set on-net security through these apps. Neither all antivirus apps work similarly and nor all antivirus apps contain same features. There are some antivirus apps which are completely free and there are also antivirus apps which are paid in cost. The required features are available in many free versions which can be helpful to you. The paid version will allow you to work against virus with some additional features. 

In fine, it can be said that as earlier mentioned, being sensible is the only precaution that you take to be protected from the virus and Antivirus apps for Android will lead an a more effectively this way. You can easily download antivirus for android from google play store. You can get many free android antivirus on there. But which is the best android antivirus for you it is a major question.

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