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Simple Tips for speeding up your Android device and work faster.

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Android phone has become more popular in the present context. Many people using Android phone in every place of this globe. And Android is the most popular operating system of mobile phone. We never expect that our Android phone work slowly. But, the truth is that many people have been facing this problem. There are many factors that can slow your Android device. Being conscious regarding this factors will help you to solve the problem. Besides, there are many tricks which will allow you to work with your Android phone with full speed. Let us discuss how to make fast android device and  some of the tactics to speed up your Android phone. 

Classify your device: 
Firstly, you have to identify the capacities of your device. Without knowing the capacities of your device you cannot give it a huge load. Giving huge load will slow down the working speed of your device.

Update your device: 
If you have not updated your phone to the up to date firmware, you will not be able to get the best speed of it. There is updated version of your operating system and you have to  update your device to speed up your phone. 

Clean the Storage of your device: 
Unnecessary files in the storage will cause slow experience of Android. You need to delete this types of unnecessary files. This will not only help you to speed up your phone but to make many free space in your storage. 

Uninstall unnecessary apps: 
Many people install many unnecessary apps in their phones which they do not use. If there are unnecessary apps in your phone, you should uninstall them immediately to speed up your phone.

Update necessary Apps:
One needs to update necessary apps regularly. This will help one to experience the new version of the apps. Besides, respected apps are developed regularly by the developers and installation of an updated app will speed up your phone and is less likely to crash your device.

Delete unnecessary Widgets: 
There are many widgets in android phones. Basically these widgets are used to flourish the beauty of the Android device. Besides, users are using different kinds of widgets for different purposes. Many people do not know that these widgets can slow down the speed of you Android phone. You need to delete unnecessary widgets and should try to use the least number of widgets as possible.  

Use good and high speed memory card: 
We use memory card to expand the memory capacity. This additional memory can boost the internal low phone memory. But we should investigate whether we are using quality memory card or not. Low quality memory can cause slow down the speed of your device and have low data transfer speed. There are different types of storage capacity of memories ranging from 2 GB to 32 GB. You need to have at least of class 6 to class 10 memory card in order to have a decent performance of your phone. 

Reset factory data:
You can reset factory setting to boost up your phone. This will improve the speed of your phone. Before doing factory reset, you must back up your files so that you can get them back once you have reset your phone. 
Besides these, controlling your start up, avoiding wallpapers, turning of the animation will be helpful to speed up your Android phone.  

I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your tech problem I will try to solve it. Thanks for reading.

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