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The tips for how to remove virus from pc or laptop.

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All of we the users of computer know about that after set-up the windows only the system drive means in which the system drive is installed that is formatted. But other drives unchanged. In result the virus is deleted if there it there are any virus in system drive, but other virus are still remain in the PC. Cannot install antivirus software for some dangerous virus and for this the virus of PC still remain in your PC.
Are there no any solution beside the formation of PC?
Answer: Yes, of course. Generally all the virus that try to stop your installation of antivirus or which are not removed by antivirus. The reason for this, you are still discontinued from the installation of antivirus because the activeness of those virus of your PC and its can reduce the power of your antivirus. So do something that it cannot stay or active in your PC. The virus are active in your PC only when you open the drivers of your PC. Suppose there are some virus in other drivers besides the system drives. Now if you open your drivers after the set-up of windows then the virus are active again.

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The tips for removing virus: 

At first, you have to set-up windows in your PC. If the windows is genuine it is very helpful for you. Because a premium windows give you better care and futures then copy windows.

You do not install the software of CD of motherboard right now.

You do not go to MY computer at the time of starting your computer after the setup of windows.

Now, install of your antivirus software from the CD of antivirus or pen drive. Press the shift button while entering the pen drive in computer if it is not open automatically.

Now, virus will remove from my computer if scan every drivers. Now be careful that no driver is opened before the scanning. Otherwise the virus of other drivers will be active.

Use paid antivirus software to save your pc from virus. Avast, AVZ, McAffe, Kespersky, Quick hil, Bidfinder, Bull gurd is the best offline premium antivirus software.

I accept that all type of virus are remove from your computer if you follow the tips carefully. You can also virus check by online virus check website.

I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your computer problem I will try to solve it. Thanks for reading.

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