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Best Office App For Android Devise That Help you To Improve Your Performance

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Hello my friends, Today i am going to share a post about Android best office apps. Android phone has become more popular in the present context. Many people using Android phone in every place of this globe. And Android is the most popular operating system of mobile phone. People are using Android devices for various purposes. Many people use Android device instead of traditional laptop and desktop computers. Many tasks of desktop and laptop computer are being done in Android devices. Among all tool, Office suits is the most used and demanding Android utilization. Here we will discuss five best office apps for Android. Also see the android best photo editing  apps list.

Microsoft Office:
ms office android is the most popular office suit software for desktop and laptop computer across the world. The Android version of Microsoft Office has rich advantage over every other app of Office Suite. The Android version of Microsoft Office is still young. But you can experience some better than other apps. This app has the ability to open files saved to One drive or SharePoint. It will enable your document to access your document and on the way to everywhere.  

OfficeSuite 8:
OfficeSuite 8 will look familiar to anyone who has used a relatively recent version of Microsoft Office. The developer of Office suits has put a significant effort into the OfficeSuite Series. OfficeSuite 8 has 50 languages. This version supports a large number of formats. Recently updated version of office suite looks strikingly different from the versions out just a couple of years ago. This app rates higher as an Office app for Android.

Quip is another well known app for Android devices to utilize office suits. Quip does not replicate the traditional desktop suits. Quip has some features that make it tailored to mobile devices. Text input system is design to adjust different screen sizes alone with collaboration system. In Quip, comments are placed front and center.

Smart Office 2:
Smart Office 2 is another app to utilize office suite in the Android devices. Although this app is expensive, it is still fairly solid to work with. There are some fun features in this Office Suite. Basic advantages of this app include MS Office and PDF support, Cloud storage support, Wireless printing support and 3 D document viewing. It is really good and you can try it. 

Polaris Office:
One can also use Polaris Office as Office Suits for Android. It has free version to download to work and it is also a solid option for you. This app comes with free cloud storage and support for other cloud storage. Basic characteristics of this app include MS Office support, Chrome cast support to put your documents on TV. The Camera mode will let you to scan documents. You can try it. Also 
Besides, there are many other Office Suite apps available in the Android marketplace.

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