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How to make secure your Facebook account from hackers or others.

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Facebook is a most popular social communication service in our world. It is popular for it's features Notes, chat, gifts, messaging, voice calls, video calls, play games, radio -TV programs Facebook ads. you can easily open an account on Facebook. It is a major question to us How will you secure your Facebook account and why your facebook down ? If your Facebook account hacks as it your video, picture notes and important information do not lose for this reason there has a backup facility. To keep Facebook backup at first you click account setting from your account the highest site of the above. Then you click download a copy in a below. Then come a new page you click start my archive. You can also read how to solve your Facebook photo verification problem.

facebook problems today

Now a backup profile will be creating from your Facebook account. After finishing your backup profile a mail will be sent to your email address. Then click your account setting from your account and also click download a copy then you will be profile. After having finished download, zip file does unzip. Now you open your index file you will see your whole Facebook profile. As a result, your information won’t lost if your account will be blocked.

Facebook Personal security:
If anyone disturbs you in Facebook you will be blocked him/her. He/she will not be found you if you are blocked him/her. If you want to block anyone at first you should to privacy setting from your account. Now click edit your list under the block list. If new page come write down name or email Id you can block him/her.

How much do you appear:
No one can find you without your friend even through you will not be found in your Email ID. To create this situation, you click privacy setting. Then click view setting. Then click view setting.
If come new page, the right side of search for you on Facebook click everyone button and select only friends. So, you will not be found without your friends. Now, the right side of “send you friend’s requests” click everyone and select, then everyone will send you friend request. The right side of “send you messages” select everyone, so everyone will see your friend list. Thus, the remaining setting will be made like you.

Facebook Help Center:
Facebook changes its settings after someday. Besides, after passing someday. Facebook also adds some new option. If you forget any option or to remain unknown that where has in which option, you can take to help form help Center. Again, of you hide your any friend insincerely and you do not know how to you unhide for this, at first click help Center from the account up the right side. If come new page, write down “How I unhide a friend? To search here if come result, then click” Expand All. Now, you will get your solution.

Facebook Security:
Security question: click Account settings from the right side Account. Now, click security from the left side. You will see that there has security question and save its answer. Next, if you forget password or change anybody, you can login through it.

Add Mobile Number On Facebook:
You added Mobile Number in your Facebook and whenever it your Facebook account steals. So you can be rescued by your Mobile number. Again, if you wish to take Facebook News or notifications in your mobile. You can take it without money.
For this reason, click the left side of Account settings from the right side above, at first. Now, click “add a phone” link. If come new window, click to select mobile carrier... If you do not want to add your mobile number in Facebook profile erase tick mark from. Add this phone number to my profile boy. To write F send message to 32665 from your Mobile. Next, a code number will come from the returning message, then write down that code boy and click to “Next”.

Facebook Account Security:
Nobody could enter into your Account although somebody/all people has known your E-mail Address and password. In the field first log in Facebook to click Account settings from over the right side Account. Now, click security from the left side come new page, click Edit the right side of log in Notifications. Give to tick mark beside boy of Email and then click “save changes” Now, click ‘Edit’  the  right side of log in Approvals and when give tick mark “ Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone” boy come new information, click “Set Up Now”. Now, to write your mobile number in phone number, then click continue. So a code number will come in your mobile.
To write code number in code Boy, again click ‘continue’. Then, click “Save changes”. This time, lay out your Facebook Account and again log in your Facebook. Will see, a page has come in which name is “Name New computer”. To write any name in computer name, give tick mark to “Add to your list of recognized devices boy” Next, click ‘continue’
However, now, if you want to log in your Facebook Account from other computers to without your own computer, a code Number will come in your mobile and to write that code Number in code Boy and to click ‘continue’ to enter into only your Facebook Account.

Facebook Email Address Change:
At first, go enter Accounting setting to change Email address, Now click “Save changes” to write down new Email Address in new Email. Then, if Facebook password wants. So click “Save changes” to write password. Now, Email will enter into your new Email Address. To click that Email, new Email address will add in Facebook. Now you can enter in Facebook to use anyone. Email Address between them.

Facebook spam and scram Problem:
Often see “she who have visited your profile”, “See who have deleted you”, “see how many people visited your profile”, besides those have some video or picture where have writings “the girl died after seeing this pic” etc. To click here, you will see that these spam messages is adding in your profile and these are coming as your status. So, abstain from these to click and keep your account save.

Also read how to make your Gmail account safe and Improve it's featureI hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your tech problem I will try to solve it. Thanks for reading.

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