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How to solve Facebook Photo Verification Problem And safe Your Account

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Welcome to techliken.com, Today i want to share a trick 'How to bypass photo verification of Facebook' with an easy and best way. It is an amazing tip for Facebook. Some days ago i was also facing this problem so i think it is very essential Facebook tips for everyone. Many of us thinks that why Facebook wants proof of their identity to using real name and real picture.It is a very simple reason- It is one kind of Facebook security system. When we using any Facebook feature excessively and Facebook notice us, Than the Facebook security system think that the person may be spammer or it’s a fake id. Facebook security system than stop the person and put photo tag verification to this ID.

Facebook Photo Verification Problem

There are two way to verification Facebook without photo tag verification
1st Method.
  1. Download a small software and install it - Tunnel Bear app in your android or I Phone and make a new account.
  1. When you create account you have to change your location - US or other country like Japan.
Facebook phone verification
  1. Then you login your blocked Facebook account and enter verification code. Here you will sow phone number verification no pic verification.
  1. Than you have to change your phone code option and make your own country code and enter your phone number.
  1. Now you will get a Facebook confirmation code in your phone number, enter the code and you will be login your account.
 Download Tunnel Bear software for windows and Mac - Tunnel Bear app for android 

2nd Method
Facebook photo verification problem
  • At first you have to login your Facebook account, after complete cap char- come step where Facebook give you photo verification which you friends are tagged.
  • In the photo verification system you will get 5 chances to submit your photo name and two photos skip option.
  • Now you have to take screen shot of those 7 pictures one by one and save theme 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...... [With skip option photo] repeat the step again and again. This step will depends on number of friends on your Facebook account. If you have 100 or more friends then you need at least 20-25 pictures.
  • Now the final step- one picture come with 5 different images, compare the picture with the previous screen shot image. In this same image, you will find a common name between screen shot image and verification image. Keep the common name.
  • now you got one correct answer, submit the answer and go second verification photo do the same method hare, compare image and find the same name.
       In this method you can try only 3 times in a day.

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