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Some Important tips and tricks that help to Improve Your Gmail.

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Today I discuss some tips and tricks about Gmail service. Mail is an important service to send message or file each to another. Most of the users have no more idea about Gmail. So read and also round the unknown world of Gmail. How to send a forbidden file in Gmail. Through the condition of user you do not send a file in a definite format like exe file. Even though it is not possible to send through the zip in that field, an easy way is that at first you must host your file from the hosting service and share your link in an email body. 

gmail problems

In this way, you can take a service of Google drive drop box or one drive service (hosting site). Large file send in a Gmail will not allow sending more than 25MB. Mail it your email across 25 MB so that it is impossible to send there is a same matter to avoid these things. At first you can do that your file upload and share link through your email from the Google cloud service. The same things are needed for the other cloud storage services. Outside of this file you can attach by compress. So your file size will be decrease. Mainly this role prevents to spread virus through email.

Directly open and edit document on Gmail. Often all the email services have to management to open any file with mail. In this care Gmail has to a head somewhat, through Gmail you don’t only look to open but also you can edit your file in the same window after editing any ward excel power print or (PDF) file to send Asian you just only file. After finishing all the work to send the destination from the same window. You won’t be put up with send to download editing and uploading. You finish your work without download.

Lively see Picture and edit it. You can easily see picture in Gmail which is sent in format of JPG, PNG or GIF. You can see picture just like Facebook or Twitter and have to opportunity to download. For this reason click in the movie. Then open the picture in front of you. Besides, you can het opportunity to edit through the different third party application.

Use third party apps and make better. There are some third party apps which are approved to use by Google. Google has ahead than others popular mail service. Click Document, PDF, Picture with coming mail to look up you will get different use able apps.

To link mail and communication address to remain another account. In this case, before that have you done like that click account and import Tab then select import mail and contain of option. Then to follow the activities of Yahoo and Hotmail. It you close your old mail account and to work from new account in this case it is very important matter.

Create level in your Gmail account. Level helps you to find important emails from the Gmail account. You can create many levels to used email sender name or email address URL. If your Email is hacked, don't be afraid I discuss on my previous article how to restore your hacked email account. read this article and be safe.

I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your computer problem I try to solve it.  Thanks for reading.

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