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Hi, My dear followers welcome. After a long time I back with a amazing tips for blog monetizing. I hope Everybody know about this Ads network. But today I will discuss here some extra Tricks thats help you to approve Google adsense withhin 3 days. Sometimes a lot of people have been trying to register for Google Adsense and finally they all end up in bad feelings and sad, what i mean is that Google Adsense did not accept there requests.



But today an going to be teaching you a best method on how to get your Google adsense approve in three days 


let me quickly discuss about this, most people are saying if you want google to approve your google adsense proposal you must have buy domain for your site that is a big of lie I disagree with that the reason why I disagree is that google did not request for domain.

 The main thing google requested for are:
  • Your site must have a good design
  • Your site must have good content
  • Your site must not have any download link
  • Your site must also have good traffics,

Good Design: what I mean by good design is that your site must be quick in loading don’t use heavy themes on your web and you must set all necessary things to make it attractive including your Navigation Button’s.

Good Content: Google really cherish a person that create content by himself not people that copy another people content and paste it to their web google did not like that at all. You should sit down yourself and compose/create your own content yourself.

Download Link: this Matter of links irritate google a lot I don’t know why but my special advice to you is that you must not have Download link on your Blog.

Good Traffics: all of us really known what traffics means but as a matter of fact try and advertise your web so that you we be able to get at least 2000-5000 traffics per day.
If you really have all this qualities I mention google we surely approve your request within three days.

I hope this post was helpful to Holusimple and other peoples that is reading. Thanks for Reading. Keep with us and get latest tips and tricks from Techliken.com

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