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Hi friends, Today am going to share you some awesome Tips and tricks, that you don’t know, and they exist on your Android 6.0 devices (Marshmallow). Android 6.0 smart phone is a good devices but many of us did not really know that a lot of features have been installed on the phone from the factories. So when i dip into the phone, i discover about this tip, so i decided to share it to my fellow people on my blog. Before i proceed do you really know i give this tips a name? Everybody is eager to know the name right? So i decided to name it Hidden Features. It's Funny right?


Techliken have been deep into the new software to find out exactly how it is. But to be honest and sincere the marshmallow really looks a lot like Android 5.0 Lollipop. But get a grip on it is new. As we all know that this new Android version called 6.0 Marshmallow is good in terms of quick and in smart way, than any other version of Android phones. That is why I decided to put everything together the hit-list of all the tips/tricks you need to know about the new release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Let check them out.
  1. Marshmallow device Voice Command
  2. Marshmallow device Instant Info Injection
  3. Marshmallow device system-UI tuner
  4. Marshmallow device Turbo-navigating the apps menu
  5. Marshmallow device Personalize your lock screen
  6. Marshmallow device Android Play Store
  7. Marshmallow device Unlock Developer Mode
  8. Marshmallow device Customize Your  Silent Mode
Voice Command: as long as you are on the home screen, you can simply say OK and immediately you say OK Google we quickly start their voice commands. We presume this works without draining your battery, unless you’re one of those people who normally flick around your home screen in the cinema half-way through a film, it’s not as if you spend all that much time on there, If you are doing that types of things, you are really doing the wrong thing.

Instant Info Injection: Voice interaction is one of the best thing, but there’s a much better way to get a quick Google Now injection without talking to your phone. Wherever you are, you just have to hold down on the Home soft key and the Google Now overlay will pop up.
What this really does is to scan through all the text on-screen to find any topics, it might be able to offer-up Google Now info cards on. It’s perfect in terms of finding phone numbers for restaurants, looking up reviews for films and getting directions to places. Even we all know that our Android 5.0 lollipop can not do this type of things, but the new Google Now style really greases your path from one stage to the next. In a good way.

System-UI Tuner: Hidden within the settings in Marshmallow is a nifty new UI tuner that lets you switch some of the options in the quick-settings bar. To enable this, drag down the notification panel, hold down the cog until it spins and a little message pops-up. Then you have to head into your phone Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap System UI tuner that’s all.
Turbo-Navigating the Apps Menu: The Android Marshmallow apps menu may seem a bit jarring at first. It’s pretty different from the old one. However, Google does its best to make the transition easy.

One of the bits you might not notice at first is that you can quick-scroll through the app menu by swiping your thumb up and down the extreme right edge of the apps panel. This moves through the alphabet, rather than just flicking through the apps as arranged, letting you jump to the apps, for example, begin with letter ‘S’. It’s the quickest way to navigate through a huge apps collection.

Personalise Your Phone Lock screen: everybody want to personalise his/her phone, Android Marshmallow allow you to do this with a Lock Screen Message, as Google calls it. This is just a little sentence, word or phrase, which appears just below the time and date on your lock screen. You have to input the thing yourself in Settings > Security > Lock Screen Message.

We imagine it we be mostly used for vanity purposes, but company phones can be stamped with property of X, or you could always leave an abusive message there for phone thieves.
Android Pay: Android Pay isn’t available in the UK yet: However, Americans peoples outside, they can now check out for Android Pay in all its glory.

While not something entirely new, it has been given a renewed push with Android Marshmallow. There’s a Tap & Pay section in the Settings menu, but you’ll actually need to install separate apps that support Android Pay to get going. You see, Android Pay works using an API, a sort of ‘plug in’ that slots into third-party apps to make them work with the Pay platform. However, the lone Android Pay app is what lets you get started using the service on the high street. Can't find it? You won't be able to download it unless you're in a territory that supports Pay.

Unlock developer mode: this is really developer-like control? Switch on developer mode to get access to all sorts of tech switches and dials. You should do this by going to Settings > About Phone and tapping seven times on the Build Number entry.

What this does is to unlock a new submenu in Settings called Developer Options. Looking down it, there’s nothing too interesting that hasn’t featured in previous versions of Android. However, one bit you might want to check out is the set of animation scale controls. These alter how quickly menu transition animations play out, then it can really affect how fast or smooth a phone feels.

Customize Your Silent Mode: Like Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow uses a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature rather than a traditional Silent mode. You see, the issue is that so many of us use our smartphone for all sorts of things these days that a Silent mode can make you miss very important alert or alarm.

It’s pretty sensible, then, that Android Marshmallow can now lets you pretty thoroughly customize how Do Not Disturb works. The key is to work out what your want to label a ‘priority’ notification.

In Settings > Sound & Notification > Do Not Disturb > Priority Only Allows, you can select priority contacts, choose whether events/reminders get past the barrier and whether to let insistent repeat callers through.

I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about your computer problem and Phones Problem I will try to solve it. Thanks for Reading.

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